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Bullying Prevention

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Bullying Prevention

Bullying can negatively impact children’s social, emotional, physical, and psychological development, both in the short term and long term. Community Health Education partners with area schools to provide evidence-based programs throughout Yavapai County.

Owning Up Curriculum provides Middle School students awareness that their dignity and the dignity of others is the principle that guides our decisions and actions every day in our friendships, families, and schools. 8 lessons are taught by YC health educators. 



GoGirlGo! is an award-winning curriculum and sports education program developed by the Women’s Sports Foundation.

GoGirlGo! improves the social & emotional health and well-being of girls by combining sports and physical activity, leadership, & education.

This program builds healthy, active, and confident girls. GoGirlGo! helps girls understand the social pressures they face and teaches them how to make healthy choices for their body and mind. The curriculum is segmented in to three age groups: 5–7-year-olds, 8–10-year-olds, & 11–13-year-olds.

Topics such as self-esteem, body image, nutrition, leadership, bullying, emotions, diversity/respect, teamwork, smoking & substance abuse, confidence, stress management, and community service are candidly approached via the voices and true personal stories of four GoGirl characters and champion female athletes.

The courage, confidence, and character gained through the GoGirlGo! program are the very tools girls need to become the strong leaders of tomorrow.

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